Brief history of Swami

Maharaj Sri sri sri parmahamsha parivrajaka ramulu Maharaj born in small village PothireddyPeta of Medak District. He is the younger son of sri Lakshmamma and sri Sayilu. His family migrated from Pothireddypeta to Nandipet (district:Nizamabad) for earning livelihood. In Nandipet, Maharaj family used to stay to the very beside of Vitaleswara temple and in a Brahmin family house. His mother used to work in that Brahmin family and Maharaj grown up in the same surroundings. Maharaj used to help temple priest in cleaning and washing of deities. In those surroundings Maharj's devotion also grown up with the age.

In 1987, at the age of 14 years Maharaj had been blessed with the dharshan of a Divya Phurusha (Holy Master) . Maharaj informed the same thing to his mother but she didn't believe it and on top of that she put him for work in paddy fields. Maharaj accepted that work and started going for work. One day, when he was going to field he saw two banans infront of the field gate. When reached them Maharaj blessed with dharashan of Nagendra and slither off into its place. Then swami took those bananas into hands and ate them as prasada, once after eating Nagendra appeared again. He frightened with this occurance and informed the same thing to his mother Lakshmamma. Then Swami's mother sent him to different paddy field but there also he saw two bananans on two tombs, swami took them to home and ate them after showing to mother.

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Mother, with a little worry informed the happenings to House Owner Priest. Priest suggested breaking a coconut where Maharaj seen the snake. Maharaj went again and did the same thing as priest suggested. But God's wish is in different way, immediately after breaking the coconut Maharaj got darshan of Holy Master and that holy master asked for a coconut piece. When enquired who he is, Holy Master told Maharaj that he resides in nearby Jorpur village and then disappeared. Maharaj with confusion about happenings informed it to Mother in the presence of Priest.

Mother thought of sending his son to own village would keep him distance of all these happenings and he would be safe. Lakshmamma sent her son to pothireddypeta for distributing wedding invitations of village head (sarpanch) daughter. But, there is no place in this world where god cannot reach and no one can escape from God wish. After arriving Pothireddypeta Maharaj went to family house. The moment he entered the house by opening the doors he heard a voice of Bramhin asking for a Biksha (rice offering). Maharaj told that our family migrated to different location and nobody has been staying here for very long time. But Bramhin said No, you go inside and offer rice which is inside. To the surprise of Maharaj, he could find rice in a pot. After taking the rice, Bramhin said that I will come to your village and at that time you come with one copper paper. Bramhin disappeared after telling that. Once after returning home Maharaj told priest what had happened back in Pothireddypeta. He also told about the copper paper. Bramhin gave him the copper paper, Maharaj took that copper paper and went to banks of village pond. There one more time Maharaj blessed with the Darshan of Divya Phursha (Holy Master). That Divya Phurusha took him to the current ashram surroundings. In a situation where Maharaj was unware where he was, Holy Master moved a rock and took the Maharaj inside. Holy Master removed agnana (maya) from Maharaj by making maharaj to sit without clothes and gave him the UPADESHAM infront of Navanaths (9 deities). Holy Master also gave Maharaj a written copper paper and instructed him to use these things for LokaKalyanam (for the good of the society) and explained all the Dikshas (Holy Practices) procedures. From then onwards swami made that place as his staying place. In the very same place Shivalayam has been built.

After that in next 12 years Maharaj went into Diksha for 41 days in a year. In Diksha period swami used to take very little food. First year he did that by taking only glass of milk daily. After Diksha swami used to go for Holy Bath in Godavari by Porludandalu (rolling on the ground till destination), and Vemulavada, Basara by walk.

Now also Diksha starts on vijayadhasami day and continues for 36 days. Swami would take very little food during this period (like two bananas and glass of milk) daily. Next day to Karthika Pournami (day after coming out from diksha) festival would be made. Swami blesses each and every devotee. Swami also gives the holy dharshan on every Pournami and Amavasya at midnight (12'0 clock) and blesses each and every devotee