Welcome to Kedareshwara ashramam

His Holiness Paramhamsa Parivrajaka Balayogi Ramulu Maharaj..

firefox Kedarishwara Ashramam is the spiritual abode of many people in and around of Nandipet. On his holiness Parmahamsa Parivrajaka Ramulu Maharj is the divine guide for spiritual seekers. Ashramam is located at a distance of 25km from Nizamabad District HeadQuarters in AndhraPradesh.

Maharaj honors all religions and teaches that it's possible to reach God by many paths.

The one who leaves taste become a seer..
The one who leaves desires would not have any sorrow..

- Maharaj

Maharaj is in a mission to re-establish the moral, ethic values in the society which are drying up day-by-day. Maharaj teachings are all based on our Sanathana Dharma (ancient culture), his teachings starts with

    Mathru DevoBhava
    Pithru DevoBhava
    Aacharya DevoBhava
    Athithi DevoBhava

Maharaj says, this human life is great gift of god. Within 84,00,000 various forms of lives human life occupied superlative position. One can reach god by means of any religion or any cast, it doesn't matter. Sankirtana (Holy singing),Nama Smarana (repetition of sacred name with pure heart) are the easiest routes to reach god. As every being is nothing but creation of god, one should see nothing but god in every being. Treating everyone as their mother and father and talking to them with pure heart, love, affection is the best habit to be cultivated in everyone.

Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu ..      Om Shanthi Shanthi Shanthih